Choose your jewelry according to your day with meaningful statements. Thus it becomes the expression of who you are, what you believe in and what you want to declare into your day.


Our life is more than what we can grasp with our minds and senses. God’s presence, power, and beauty are a reality that we can become more and more aware of each day.


Confess with positive words what you believe and what you want to see in your life and around you. Create something new by actively renewing your thinking in a positive way and by choosing your chain to confess and remember this daily.


You are wonderfully made, unique and valuable. You have a future full of opportunities. Remember your true identity and carry it outward.


Diffuser Jewelry

These necklaces not only look beautiful, but are also great as diffuser jewelry. For this you just put a drop of essential oil on the pendant. Afterwards you can enjoy the wonderful scent of the oil which can have a positive effect on your emotions and your health.



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